Personal Service and Professionalism in Outsourced Human Relations Management

Your payroll and benefit management are critical elements in your company’s operation. However, they are time-consuming and complex responsibilities, involving a tangle of state and federal laws and regulations. And they chew up your company’s resources without being profit centers.

For these reasons, many companies outsource these duties to an Administrative Services Organization (ASO), such as our HR management company, headquartered in Tampa Bay, Florida. If you are considering this option, you need to choose your ASO with extreme care.

Why Choose Admin HR?

More than a business payroll services company, which deals only with distributing, tracking, and taxing employee payroll, we can service:

  • Benefits packages
  • Human resource consulting and semnars (on HR procedures and HR management)
  • Provide advice and direction on critical state and federal compliance issues

While offering many of the same services as a Personnel Employer Organization (PEO), Admin HR does not assume responsibility for your employees through the co-employment option. Our HR sevices are an extension of your human resources department, not a substitute.

How We Serve You

Admin HR, Inc., provides a wide range of HR services from offices in St. Petersburg, Florida, and in Albany, Georgia:

  • Payroll Administration
  • Employee Benefits
  • Health Insurance Coordination
  • Accounting
  • Best Practices
  • Consultation on HR Issues